Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Day in Bath

Bath, England

The River Avon


The Day's Cast of Characters

Laura!                    Max!           Taylor!                    Thomas!

Maggie!                          Eileen!                          Alex!

Monika!                          Evelyn!                          Wei!


The Train Journey


Bristol Temple Meads and Bath Spa Train Stations


Bath Abbey


The Abbey Ringing Room and Belltower

"All You Of Bathe That Heare Me Sound, Thank Lady Hopton's Hundred Pound"

Bath Abbey Bells Ringing at Noon

Behind the tower clock

The other side of the abbey ceiling

Hole in the ceiling looking down onto the church pews. (?)


Views From the Abbey Roof

View of The Roman Baths From The Top of The Abbey


The Roman Baths

The photo I took of Thomas taking a photo of Taylor taking a photo of me.

Pigeons Circling Like Vultures


The Jane Austen Centre


Sally Lunn's House

Traditional English trenchers served on the Sally Lunn Bun. One pork, the other Lamb.

Treacle Tart with Custard


Doors, Buildings and Signs in Bath

The Circus

The End

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