Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pontypridd Saturday Market

A few weekends ago I took the train into nearby Pontypridd (pronounced Pontypreeth), and found my way to the Saturday Indoor Market. It was vaguely reminiscent of the West Side Market in Cleveland, although much smaller and less well kept. There was a mix of stalls displaying an assortment of ordinary and uninteresting goods and a few gems - old styled and unpretentious stalls mixed in. I've photographed some of my favorites. The butcher's truck with Nicky and Roger was one of my favorites. Nicky was so entertaining that I sat and watched him while I had my coffee. I didn't need any meat, but he made me "want" to buy meat (which I eventually did). They, in turn, were entertained by my American accent.
Other favorites of mine were the stall selling eggs from Caerphilly chickens and the one selling freshly made (still warm!) and absolutely delicious Welsh cakes. I plan to be a regular to all three of those vendors.

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