Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend in France - 17th October, 2011

Last weekend I spend a lovely, sunny weekend with Mourad in Roissy en France, Paris and Chantilly.
Here are some of the photos.

Flying Over Wales with a View of Barry Island (right)

A lovely dinner of salmon with a ginger sauce, cucumber salad and sake.

Knowing that I love to have my breakfast (lunch and dinner) outside on the patio, Mourad decided it was time to buy a table and chairs for me to enjoy. Miraculously, we had an unusual weekend of October sun.

A small view of Mourad's exquisite kitchen with exquisite utensils hanging on the wall in the background.

The special (surprise) Saturday evening that Mourad had planned for us was to LIDO
It was wonderful, and is absolutely worth seeing! If you click on the Lido link, you will see parts of the show and some of the dancers who are topless during the performance. I'm told it's a French cabaret tradition. ;)

Walking in the Chantilly Forest on a sunny Sunday....

Lucky Ladybug

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scubabunny13 said...

love the pics of you and Mourad! I'm excited you are blogging again. love seeing the pics of your adventures!