Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Flavor To Transport You

Many years ago I had a friend and former boyfriend that had lived in Lyon and well after breaking up we maintained a friendship from separate cities. For Valentine's Day he kindly sent me a small brown box, the contents of which would create an as yet unbreakable bond between myself and what I consider to be the best chocolate in the world. This box contained the best truffles I'd had in my life. Until then I'd thought the best chocolate came from Godiva (having been introduced to it as a teenager by my grandmother). Godiva's chocolate is good, but has more of a hazelnut flavor. The truffles of La Maison du Chocolat were not too sweet, dusted with cocoa powder and tasted as though they were infused with red wine. Subtle and complex, and absolute perfection!

There are exactly seven La Maison du Chocolat locations in Paris, and I've already researched the addresses and located them on my maps. One is located near the Louvre, which I suspect will also be a mandatory itinerary item on our list of things to do, so I'm certain that I won't have trouble arranging a truffle pick up. You can have them sent to you from France, but at $42-$50 for .42 lbs. who wants to pay another $50 for international overnight shipping? I've had friends pick them up for me while in London or Paris, and now I can not only retrieve them myself, but sample the cakes and pastries that you canNOT have shipped (even if you could afford it).

In true French form, the website for La Maison du Chocolat even suggests a wine that pairs well with your chocolate. In the section called A Flavor To Transport You, they describe a cinnamon infused ganache that pairs well with "the Sardinian wine Contini Vernaccia di Oristiano 1992." I think I might have to try the Yoko, a ganache flavored with tea, and the Bresilien Pastry, along with so many others. I'm sure that no matter what I get I'll be in heaven, and will likely eat way more of all of it than I should.

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Queen Victoria said...

i would like one order please. what on earth could be better than truffles and wine? ok maybe eating them while having hot sex with patrick dempsey?